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Why Was This Made?

I'm the guy at my church who runs the lyric presentation software for a lot of the services. We used SongShow Plus for several years, and it worked pretty well for us. It did have a few key frustrations for us, plus the fact that we really wanted to switch over to a Mac. After looking into it, ProPresenter seemed like a great choice.

After making the leap, we quickly realized that SongShow Plus had absolutely no way to export our songs, and ProPresenter had absolutely no way of getting these songs from SongShow Plus! Sure, there are a few half-baked solutions out there, or the good old copy-n-paste-every-slide-of-every-song method, but none of those are really ideal.

After talking to the media director at another church, he told me that they were holding off making the same software switch that we had made because they were uncertain of how to transfer all of their songs over. This got me thinking… It seemed as if enough people had the need for a tool like this and yet one didn't exist!

In my non-church time during the week I'm a full time web designer/developer, so I decided to take a look at the file formats for each program and determined that it wouldn't be that hard to do! Well… There ended up being a bit more complexities than I anticipated, and it did take quite a while to get it to the point where I felt comfortable releasing it. BUT, here it is. I hope you find it useful.

I am in no way associated with R-Technics' SongShow Plus or Renewed Vision's ProPresenter.

Donations are welcome!

If you find this service useful, please concider donating to this site to help support the cost! A small $5 donation (or more!) would really help to support my efforts.

Want To Make This Better?

This project is on GitHub! Feel free to take a look at the code, or submit improvements & changes to me.

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First, some things to note:

  • Only SongShow Plus files can be uploaded and converted at this time.
  • They can only be converted to ProPresenter or plain text files at this time.
  • This has only been tested with SongShow Plus version 7 and ProPresenter version 4.
  • The majority of SongShow Plus files are fomatted in a similar manner which this tool can read, but occasionally there are files with odd formatting. In these cases all the text should be extracted, but it cannot be organized in any way.

Have a question or some other problem?

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